Sep 13 2022 - Oct 20 2022


6:00 PM

Flutter Essentials

Why learn Flutter?

As mobile development evolves, it’s becoming more clear that developing cross-platform apps is a necessity. Designed for software developers and iOS bootcamp grads looking to expand their skills into Mobile. 

We cover Declarative UI, Multiple stateful and stateless Widgets – and when to use them, Flutter packages, Dart, and modular code design. 

What we’ll be learning?

In the Flutter course you will learn how to take an idea and build a cross platform app for both iOS and Android. You will understand the widget tree and how to make beautiful declarative UI’s. 

We will dive deep into the differences between stateful and stateless widgets, and when to use them. We will explore some useful Flutter packages to increase our development productivity, and will learn how to apply clean architecture to our projects and modularize / organize our Flutter code to make it reusable, understandable, and testable.


6 week | 3 nights/week | 3 hours/night – We will meet every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6p-9pm PT

Target Audience

iOS Developers, Mobile Developers, Software Developers

Key Outcomes (Topics)

  • Flutter SDK
  • Testing
  • Dart
  • VSC
  • Flutter Dev tools

Week-by-week Breakdown

  • Week 1: Introduction and Set Up
  • Week 2: Widget Tree
  • Week 3: Stateful v Stateless 
  • Week 4: Using Flutter Packages
  • Week 5: Modularizing and Organizing Flutter Code
  • Week 6: Testing

Are there any requirements?

Requires Prior iOS Native application knowledge

Sold out!


Flutter Essentials

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