Flutter: Your Path to Cross-platform Mobile Apps

As mobile development evolves, it’s becoming more clear that developing cross-platform apps is a necessity. This 54-hour, 6-week, After-hours course is designed for Software Developers and iOS Developers looking to expand their cross-platform skills.

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Course Structure



We cover Declarative UI, Multiple stateful and stateless Widgets – and when to use them, Flutter packages, Dart, and modular code design.

You will learn how to take an idea and build a cross platform app for both iOS and Android. You will understand the widget tree and how to make beautiful declarative UI’s. 

 We will dive deep into the differences between stateful and stateless widgets, and when to use them. We will explore some useful Flutter packages to increase our development productivity, and will learn how to apply clean architecture to our projects and modularize / organize our Flutter code to make it reusable, understandable, and testable.

Format: 6 week | 3 nights/week | 2 hours/night

 Key Outcomes (Topics)

  1. Flutter SDK
  2. Testing
  3. Dart
  4. VSC
  5. Flutter Dev tools

Week 1

Introduction and Setup

Week 2

Widget Tree


Week 3

Stateful v Stateless

Week 4

Using Flutter Packages

Week 5  

Modularizing and Organizing Flutter Code

Week 6





What will it be like?


Extra Community Support

Our student experience has been thoughtfully crafted to give you the best educational experience you’ve ever had. We know that learning technical skills is challenging and requires personalized learning, tutoring, and a supportive environment.

Our support is always so extra. Along with the support of your incredible instructors, you’ll have the support of our student experience team. They will be there from the beginning to check in on you, answer your questions, mentor you.

Hard Work with Awesome People

Going to a proper coding bootcamp should require hard work. Luckily, going to a proper coding bootcamp also means that you’ll be working directly with amazing people. Maybe it’s something about being in a stressful environment together – but the friendships you make here will endure after you have graduated and gone your separate ways. 

Life-changing “Aha!” Moments

We’ve all had “Aha!” moments that stand out. Usually it’s when we’ve experienced or learned something new. It can be euphoric. If done correctly, learning how to create apps is a rush. You will be learning so much, so fast, that it will be impossible to ignore the progress you are making. Each day will be full of “Aha!” moments.

Your Instructor

Jayden Garrick

Jayden Garrick

Software Engineer at Square

Jayden loves the challenge of being a developer, teaching others, and learning new things. For the last few years Jayden has worked at Sofi and Block (Square) as an iOS Software Engineer. He’s worked on developing CI/CD solutions, architecting scalable solutions, and cross-platform development. Jayden learned to code from Stateful’s own Karl Pfister and the two are still close friends.