iOS Developer Bootcamp: Seeking misfits, rebels, and troublemakers

Become job-ready for a new and exciting career as an iOS Developer in just 16 weeks. Our instructional staff have helped hundreds of people like you learn to code and create mobile apps.

iOS 4 Starts January 30th, 2023!

Make 2023 your year! No previous experience required. You can do it!

Program Structure

Our iOS Developer Bootcamp Program follows a structure known internally as 7-1-8. This course structure has earned its bonafides over the years and has helped train hundreds of iOS Developers. We like the break week in the middle and how much time is devoted to creating apps. 

Weeks 1-7

Learning to Code

Week 1: Welcome to Stateful!

Introduction to the Swift Programming language and the IDE Xcode.

Week 2: My First App

Learn how the MVC design pattern works. Explore and begin using version control with your projects. Explore UITableViews and how to use segues to send data to a new screen. Learn how to properly use Singletons.

Week 3: Persistence and Communication Patterns 

We teach you how to have the data within your app persist through app launches. We also cover how to use Protocols and Delegates.

Week 4: Intro to Networking

We teach you the basics of pulling information from the web (API’s) and display that data on a live application. JSON Serialization and URL Session.

Week 5: Intermediate Networking

Now that you know the basics of networking you will learn more in-depth networking skills such as Codeable and Results type.

Week 6: MVVM and Advanced Networking

Now that you are familiar with networking we will teach you the latest and greatest frameworks such as Async and Await and new methodologies to have the cleanest possible code. We focus on abstraction and single responsibility.

Week 7: Custom Databases with Firebase 

We teach you how to create your own custom database using Firebase and Firestore. Continue to practice your MVVM skills.

Week 8

Break Week

Completing a bootcamp is hard, but it shouldn’t be torture. And it shouldn’t come at the sacrifice of your mental health.

Take a break! Get some drops in, see some friends and family. You’ve been putting in 12 hour days for a few weeks. Rest here, traveler.

Weeks 9-16

Projects and Building Apps

Week 9: App planning and Story mapping

We teach you how to plan your app before you build it. They say that 10 hours of coding can save 2 hours of planning.

Week 10-12: Personal Capstone

Work on your personal capstone project. Submit to the App Store. During this time we will teach you how to debug your projects, Core-Data, and how to read Obj-C

Week 13-15: Group Capstone

Work on a capstone project with your fellow students. During this time we will start preparing you to enter the job market. We cover Computer Science fundamentals, iOS Interview skills, and common Data structure and Algorithms. Submit group capstone to the App Store.

Week 16: Parting is such sweet sorrow

We use this week to “clean up the dust”. Submit missing projects to the App Store, complete any missing graduation requirements.


What will it be like?


Excellent Student to Teacher Ratio 

Our student experience has been thoughtfully crafted to give you the best educational experience you’ve ever had. We know that learning technical skills is challenging and requires personalized learning, tutoring, and a supportive environment.

This is why we have enrollment caps for every cohort. We have learned that a 9:1 student to instructor ratio offers the right balance of support, community, and room for you to shine.

Extra Support

Our support is always so extra. Along with the support of your incredible instructors, you’ll have the support of our student experience team. They will be there from the beginning to check in on you, answer your questions, mentor you. 

Hard Work with Awesome People

Going to a proper coding bootcamp should require hard work. Luckily, going to a proper coding bootcamp also means that you’ll be working directly with amazing people. Maybe it’s something about being in a stressful environment together – but the friendships you make here will endure after you have graduated and gone your separate ways. 

Being an iOS Developer = Endless Growth and Opportunity

There are about 2 million apps on the Apple App Store. Each one was lovingly hand-crafted by an iOS developer or team of developers. Many companies are adopting mobile-first strategies (think SoFi or Robinhood) and the job growth for mobile developers is expected to grow by 31% over the next 10 years. It’s time you learned the skills you need to earn a job as a mobile developer. 

Join Us: Talk to our Resident Developers Today

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